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Sugoi Hunter

As they say in their website, Sugoi Hunter means “Great stuff hunter”. “Sugoi” is a Japanese word that is repeated constantly in any conversation and that would be the equivalent of “Great”, “Fantastic”, …

Sugoi Hunter is a small company from the north of Spain. Sara, its responsible, travels every year to Asia looking for and personally selecting small collections of special pieces from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan… We had the pleasure to meet a few years ago in one of her trips to Taiwan and we have been friends ever since.

On my trip to Barcelona, I visited Sara at the Sugoi Hunter stall in the Palo Alto Market, where they are present in every edition. We had a great time talking about our common passion for Asia and I had the chance to observe in detail the wonderful and authentic kimonos and haoris that she brings from Japan, like the ones below.

Sugoi Hunter 2

Sugoi Hunter 1

Sugoi Hunter 3

Sugoi Hunter 4

Sugoi Hunter 5

They are made 100% with silk, and some of these pieces are 80 years old! True vintage treasures that can have a second life in nowadays outfits. Besides kimonos and haoris (kimono jackets), you can also find complements, cosmetics, and “mori girl” clothes. “Mori” in Japanese means “forest”. This type of clothes refers to a fairly new Japanese fashion/lifestyle trend, dedicated to living a cheerful, simple, natural life of a girl in the forest.

Sugoi Hunter 6

Sugoi Hunter 7



LBD day to night

Beautysets - LBD from Day to Night style challenge!

A LBD or “little black dress” is an essential that every girl must have. I chose this Kimono sleeve knit dress among all these dresses for this inspirational style board. Many dresses can be both used during day or at night, it only depends on the complements! With this street style, you will look great no matter if it is day or night!