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Faux fur coat

Hi there! How are you doing? Taipei’s weather has been extremely cold and rainy for the past weeks, so I didn’t hesitate for a moment in choosing this faux fur coat as my new outer garment to help to keep me warm! Faux fur was one of the major trends last winter, and it is terribly fashionable again this year. I’ve been wanting to get a faux fur garment for a long time, but I couldn’t find one that I liked 100% until I set eyes on this coat!

So, as soon as the rain gave us a break, I went out to take these photos wearing my new green coat. It seems I’m getting more and more into posing as a model!

outer garment 1

outer garment 2

outer garment 3

To make the coat the centre of attention, I styled it with a black shirt with Mao neck, black leggings with faux leather on the front from Mango, and burgundy leather pumps from Clarks.

As for the complements, the earrings are from a local jewelry in Spain, the Casio watch is a gift, and I bought the black purse in one of my trips to Japan.

I want to thank my hubby for taking these photos! We live in a traditional neighborhood, with plenty of picturesque locations in the quiet and narrow alleys, perfect for our next shootings!

outer garment 4

outer garment 5

outer garment 6

outer garment 7

Fashion Lifestyle

REC.0 Experimental Stores

Hi there! Sorry for my absence but I’ve been in Spain for a couple of months, enjoying with my family and friends and it’s been great! Besides eating, drinking, more eating, sleeping and having fun, I’ve also been doing other things, like attending the REC.014. Twice a year, and for four days only, the former factories and tanneries of the old industrial district Rec (in Igualada) are temporarily transformed into pop up fashion stores where leading brands sell their stock and samples at one-off prices.

Rec 1
Rec 2
Rec 3

Each brand can decorate its own space at its taste, creating a different and unique atmosphere inside each warehouse.

Rec 4
Rec 5
Rec 6
Rec 7
Rec 8
Rec 9
But this is not only for famous and well-established brands; young designers and small companies also have their place at the REC.

Rec 10
Rec 11
Rec 12

For those who like to spend the whole day shopping, don’t worry, there is also a space for food: REC Street Food. In different areas there are many food trucks with plenty of choices to eat and drink, from burgers to sushi, from juices to selected wines, etc. so you can gather all the energy necessary to continue shopping.

Rec 13
Rec 14
Rec 15
Rec 16

Rec 17
Rec 18

And in case all of this wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy some live music, artist performances or spend time taking photos to all the cute details surrounding  you.

Rec 19
Rec 20
Rec 21

You can find more info at REC’s website.