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Fashion Street Style


Bec is a 26 years old student, who was walking around the Songshan Creative and Cultural Park with a friend, when we met.

Bec was wearing a white T-shirt, black cropped trousers, and brown moccasins. Bec’s complements were a silver watch and a big black leather bag.


Fashion Street Style


Nokko is 28 years old and from Hong Kong, but I met here in Taipei when she was on holidays.

Nokko was wearing a light blue dress that she bought in Korea, a white blouse, and moccasins with leopard print that she bought in Hong Kong. Her complements were a silver necklace and a pink handbag.



Fashion Street Style


Jennifer is a 21 years old student who was with her friend Cher (who also starred a post here) walking by the streets of Zhongxiao Dunhua, in Taipei.

Jennifer was wearing a black sleeveless top, a printed black and white skirt, black socks and black moccasins. Her complements were just a black watch and a black handbag.
JenniferJennifer halfJennifer's purse