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A few days ago I attended a party called “DIVA DAY” to celebrate the launch of Diva, a new TV channel. This channel will mainly have fashion and beauty programs as well as some TV series like The Good Wife, Downton Abbey, etc.

The party was amazing! While the host was introducing the news about the channel, people could have a drink, eat some sweets, know some of the collaborating organizations,…




Then the first performance of the night was by the Taiwanese singer 艾怡良 Eve:

The band 無解 No Solution performed too, before a change of hair style by WIND Salon:



After it, the last performance of the night was by the Taiwanese singer 溫嵐 wen lan (landy):


Definitely, an amazing party! Enjoying the music, chatting with very interesting people… thanks a lot for inviting me, I really had a great time!