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Andreina is 29 years old, she is from Venezuela but she lives in Barcelona (Spain) where she works as a psychologist. Besides her job, she is also a fashion blogger. You can follow her Instagram for more photos of her. We met at Palo Alto Market in Barcelona, where her style immediately caught my attention.

Andreina is wearing an ethnic-inspired robe over a black top, jeans with busts and extreme ripped design, and silver shoes from Stella McCartney. She is wearing plenty of complements: a floral headband, pink glasses, some necklaces and bracelets, several rings, a watch and a black Chanel handbag.

Andreina 1

Andreina 2

Andreina 3

Andreina 4

Andreina 5

Andreina 6

Fashion Street Style

Nasa and Shao

Nasa and Shao are two friends that were hanging out at the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, in Taipei. Nasa, on the left, is a 19 years old student and he was wearing a white shirt open over a greenish T-shirt, ripped light denim jeans, and maroon Dr. Martens boots. His complements were a black hat, Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses, and some leather bracelets. You can follow Nasa on Instagram here.

Shao, on the right, is a 18 years old student and he was wearing a dark denim shirt buttoned to the top over a grey T-shirt, rolled up jeans, and black lace-up boots. His only complement was a black watch.

Nasa 1
Nasa 2

Fashion Street Style

Bag from lola

Ecks was walking with a friend in Makati (Philippines) when I met her. She was wearing a white blouse, ripped light jeans, and black ankle boots. Her complements were big black sunglasses, earrings, a necklace, a black belt, a black bracelet, and a black leather bag from her grandma (or lola, how they say in Philippines).
bag from lola 1bag from lola 2