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Fashion Street Style

林忻柔 Shalynn

林忻柔 Shalynn is an 18 years old student in Taipei. I met her at the Songshan Cultural Park, where she was with some friends (who will also star some posts soon). She was wearing a loose white shirt with big pockets on the front and rolled to the elbows, grey skater skirt, and black ankle boots with golden buckle. Along with her inseparable iPhone, her complements were earrings, a necklace, some bracelets, and a black handbag.

林忻柔 Shalynn 1

林忻柔 Shalynn 2

林忻柔 Shalynn 3

林忻柔 Shalynn 4

Fashion Street Style


Emo was with her friend Jessie (who also starred a post here) at Huashan Creative Park when I met her. She is wearing a white T-shirt, brown skirt, white socks and black sandals. Her only complements are a black belt and a very colorful handbag.
Emo 1

Emo 2
Emo 3
Emo 4
Fashion Street Style


Lazy is from Hong Kong and she was in Taipei with her friend Po (who starred a post here) visiting her friend Miko (who also starred a post here) with another friend (who will also star a post soon) at Huashan Creative Park when I met her. She is wearing a white and pink printed top, plaid blue skirt and white sandals. Her complements are a headband, earrings, a necklace, a white handbag and some bracelets and rings. As you can see, her nails were beautiful!
Lazy 1
Lazy 2
Lazy 3
Lazy 4

Fashion Street Style


陳嘉翎 is a 18 years old student who I met at the Zhongxiao Dunhua area in Taipei.

She was wearing a blue coat, denim shirt with printed pockets, maroon skirt with a belt, black tights, and black boots, which she bought online. Her complements were a cute orange beanie, a grey scarf, and a brown studded handbag, also bought online.

Besides, 陳嘉翎 has been featured in my collaboration with The New Asterisk magazine about the street style in Taipei (you can check it here), and in one of my latest articles for Yuanfang Magazine (you can check it here).






Fashion Street Style


Crystal Ho (何曉晴) is from Hong Kong and she was visiting Taipei with his boyfriend (Stephen, who also starred a post here) when I met her at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Crystal is wearing a white shirt, a baby blue skirt with a sheer panel, and white shoes. Her complements are glasses, a ring, and a light green handbag.
Crystal 1Crystal 2Crystal 3Crystal 4