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Some of you may remember Vicky from the Valentine’s Day post about stylish couples. She was with her boyfriend Erick walking around the streets of the Zhongxiao Dunhua area, in Taipei, when we met. They are both a nice couple, wearing a similar style.

Vicky is wearing a brown sweater with three-quarter length sleeves, a long printed skirt combining white, mustard yellow, navy blue and black pattern, and black boots. Her complements are a grey cloche hat, small earrings, a black leather watch, a black leather belt, and a pale pink handbag. As you can see, her outfit is casual and relaxed, perfect for an afternoon shopping in the city.

Vicky 1

Vicky 2

Vicky 3

Vicky 4

Fashion Street Style

Stylish couples: a Valentine’s day special

Today is Valentine’s Day! A romantic party very popular in Taiwan. How do you usually celebrate it? Do you have romantic plans with your special one? In today’s spirit, I want to share with you a few stylish couples that I have spotted in Taipei.

It’s quite common to see some couples dressing similar clothes, or wearing matching T-shirts (with messages like “I’m his” and “I’m hers” pointing to the left or to the right). The couples I’m featuring here  today are wearing different clothes but somehow their styles are in tune.

The first stylish couple are Amber and Mace. They were at the Songshan Cultural Park when I met them. As you see, both are wearing sunglasses, shirts, skirt/trousers by the knee, and their socks are well visible. Also, both are carrying backpacks.

stylish couples 1

The second stylish couple are Vicky and Erick. They were at the Zhongxiao Dunhua area when I met them. As you can appreciate, they are both wearing grey hats, each one different but similar. Their sweaters both have three-quarter length sleeves, and they wear long skirt/jeans.

stylish couples 2

The third stylish couple are Crystal and Stephen. Although they are from Hong Kong, I met them when they were also at the Songshan Cultural Park during their visit to Taipei. As you can see, they are both wearing round tortoiseshell-rimmed glasses, white shirts, and skirt/trousers by the knee. Their bags also have similar styles.

stylish couples 3

What do you think of this trend? Do you also wear similar clothes or matching outfits when you are with your special one?

In Spain you can find many stylish couples, wearing similar clothes or styles. But I think I’ve never seen a couple wearing exactly the same clothes or matching T-shirts (with messages like “I like him” and “I like her” pointing to the left or to the right). What about in your country?

Fashion Street Style


Sanza is from the south of France but he has been living in Taipei for more than 10 years. He works in the banking industry but besides this job he collaborates in an infinite number of projects related mainly with photography, fashion and culture. We met through a common friend, who, due to our shared interests, thought it was about time that we met each other. Sanza is one of the creators, along with the French photographer Stephane Ferrero, of Revver Magazine. Last year, I worked as stylist in Revver Magazine #7 and it was an amazing experience!

When I run into Sanza at the Songshan Cultural Park, I couldn’t help to take some photos of him. As you can see, his style is really elegant in a unique way, mixing different trends. In this case, Sanza is wearing a blue shirt with short sleeves and Mao collar buttoned to the top, skinny jeans, black socks with red polka dots, and brown and white brogue leather shoes. His complements are a Cartier watch, a bracelet, his laptop in a Dvf 1974 Neoprene case and a black leather wallet.

Sanza 1
Sanza 2
Sanza 3
Sanza 4

Fashion Street Style


Coco is a 17 years old student in Taipei. I met her at the Songshan Cultural Park, where she was with some friends (like Shalynn, who already starred a post here, Eufay, also in here, or Nicole, in here). She is wearing a wide black overall tied at the shoulders and cropped at the ankles, over a black T-shirt, and black boots. Her complements are a black oversize boater hat with the “Food for Thought” writing on the inner wide brim, a statement necklace made with black leather, small golden earrings, some silver bracelets, and a black leather tote handbag with big blue eyes made with sequins, with a blue teddy bear keychain hanging from it.

Coco 1
Coco 2
Coco 3
Coco 4

Fashion Street Style


Loca is a 26 years old designer and I met him at the Songshan Cultural Park, in Taipei. He was wearing a long wide black T-shirt over a white shirt (which is an usual trend among boys in Taiwan as I explained in this article), black shorts, black and yellow Pikachu socks, and black boots. His complements were a black cap, small earrings, round glasses, a Pikachu small bag, a red bracelet, a big watch, and a black leather briefcase.

Loca 1
Loca 2
Loca 3
Loca 4